K 8 R G R
Amateur Radio Station
Amateur Station

Member of the ARRL :
American Radio Relay League

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 The items shown above are:
  - Power Supply with Speaker
  - Microphone
  - Transmitter-Receiver / Yaesu FT-757
  - Antenna Tuner (top) & SWR meter

The above pictured amateur radio station is plain and simple. The antenna is a Force 12 placed at ground level. One does not have to invest a large sum of cash in order to have a well functioning station. In fact, some of the enjoyment in the hobby is using parts from the "junk box" in building a well functioning station. The ham that you may be talking with may be operating an elaborate station and usually has no idea about your station unless you have poor signal quality. I am geographically located in central Ohio and prefer operating SSB on 20 and 40 meters. I have taken some time off from Ham radio because of demands on my time for other activities.

"73s", Dick, April 25, 2011